Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

Fox and Robin

A Robin once made her nest on the ground in a bush. There were plenty of insects, so she had no worry to search for food. "Where is the need to build a nest on a branch, when it was well hidden on the ground?" said the Robin. She had forgotten about the cunning Fox.

One day the Fox, who was sniffing around, came upon the nest. Just as he pounced on the nest the Robin flew away.
"Why should you fly away?" said the Fox. "I will not harm you. I do not eat small birds like you."
"Why did you pounce on my nest?" asked the Robin.
"I was on my way and thought I should visit you. You have built a beautiful nest. Won't you come down and talk with me?"
The Robin was not listening to the Fox's flatter. She flew high into the sky.
"You have no faith in me. You think I will eat you. I have had a fine lunch. I promise you, I will not harm you," said the Fox.
"If that is so, you can come up here," replied the Robin.
The Fox, sensing that the Robin would not be fooled, went away having lost a tasty bite.

Moral: The cautious seldom err.
(Once Upon A Time Vol. 1, Dhingra Publishing House, Delhi - India)

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