Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Experience: Puppy Love? Don’t Care

When I was in the last grade of elementary school, a classmate of mine felt in love with me. In the beginning, I didn't pay attention on this, I just thought that he was a good friend who always cared of me.

Experience: Speaking With Tourist? Who Scared!

When I was 12, my school held a filed trip to Borobudur. Our teacher gave a task to all students to look for tourists and make a conversation with them. We had to do it in pairs. I was very happy. “It’s challenging,” I thought.

Experience: Drowned in A Swimming Pool

It happened ten years ago when I still could not swim well. The night before, the electricity in our house was out so my father wanted to book a hotel room for a day. Before we left for the hotel, my mother prepared all things required such as clothes, swim suit, etc. After all things were ready, we went to the hotel. When we arrived there, we were alr

Experience: Getting A Traffic Accident

It was Saturday, January 29, 2011. I had to go to a friend’s house at Citraland to celebrate his birthday. Another friend and I would go there but we decided to have dinner at PTC, first. When we were at PTC, both of us thought that at 7 p.m. we would have dinner in the birthday party. So, we decided not to eat much.

Experience: Going To A Cinema

The first time I went to a cinema was about ten years ago when I was still in the kindergarten. At that time I thought a cinema was a big TV set called cinema. Anytime my family and I went to a supermarket to buy daily needs and some beverage I saw the cinema. After we were at home I often asked my mother when we would go to the cinema.

Experience: English Conversation

We students often get English conversation in class. One day or two before the session, our teacher usually asks us to prepare it at home as a homework. Last month, the conversation was about unforgettable experience. It would be a very nice session. However, none of us prepared the task.