Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

Hair Rollers

By Y. Esther -Dept. of Hotel & Tourism, NSC Sby Polytechnic

Having a good appearance, especially a good hair look, is what girls always dream of. I used to have some hair rollers before sleeping in order to make my hair stylish the next morning. It was when I was a student of a senior high school.
One night, as usual, I went to bed late after doing some homework. The following morning, I overslept. I got up at almost seven. After taking a bath, I wore my uniform and went to school hurriedly. Since the school was close to my house, I went there on foot.

When I arrived at school, my friends laughed at me. I was confused why they did so. Then, one of them said, “Esther, do touch your hair.” I did. Oh my God! The hair rollers were still there.
I ran to the classroom by covering my face. I was so embarrassed. Since then, I have used no more hair rollers.

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