Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

If A Man Loves A Woman

If a man loves a woman, he will take care of her. If a man takes care of a woman, he will respect her. If a man respects a woman, he will make her happy. If a man makes a woman happy, she will love him too. If a man and a woman love each other, there will be no domestic violence (Ind. KDRT).

Why is there so much domestic violence? Sriwijaya Pos reported lately that Rifka Annisa Assistance Division, Jogjakarta handled 239 domestic violence cases with wives as the victims in 2008, and 201 cases in 2009. According to the manager of the institution 90 percent of domestic violence cases are not reported to the authority. If all domestic violence cases were reported, then there would have been 2390 cases in 2008 and 2010 cases in 2009. These cases happened in Jogjakarta only, how many similar cases happened in all Indonesia regions?
Why is there so much domestic violence? Maybe, the love has flown away somewhere. How come that love flies away? There are some causes. First, it’s possible that the man expects too much. He expects that his wife is a perfect woman who can do everything. When the wife cannot meet his expectation he feels disappointed. When a man expects his wife to be a perfect woman, he must look at himself: is he a perfect man?
Second, maybe the wife doesn’t respect the husband as she should. However, is the husband a kind of man whom can be respected by his wife?
How come that love flies away? Love is a kind of seed that needs to grow. There should be suitable climate and condition to make it grow. The climate and conditions are respect and willingness to accept each other as he/she is. Love never asks for but gives.
If a man loves his spouse, then he will stop domestic violence.


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