Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Jawaban BIG (4)

1. Inge doesn’t like singing dangdut songs. She likes singing keroncong songs.
2. Flora often writes mystery stories. She is a very good writer.
3. Ivonne Widjaja is not Pak David’s sister. Yvonne and Pak David don’t live in the same house.
4. Ivonne doesn’t teach English, but she likes writing English articles.

5. Yvonne doesn’t get angry when people criticize her.
6. Mr. Iskandar Jet doesn’t work in New York. She works in Jakarta.
7. Mr. Iskandar Jet’s wife doesn’t teach in an elementary school. She teaches in a kindergarten.
8. Febbie gets angry when someone puts a link on her profile.
9. Ray C. doesn’t eat breakfast every morning, that’s why he often feels hungry by midday.
10. Hireka Eric doesn’t swim on Mondays. He usually swims on Saturdays.

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