Rabu, 14 Juli 2010


A customer entered a bank to withdraw some money from his account. When the teller gave him the money, he simply put it into his pocket. At home, he counted the money and he was surprised. The money was much more than he intended to take. He thought that the bank teller had miscounted. The next day, he came back to the bank and told the teller the problem.

“No, sir,” the teller said. “This bank has never made and will never make any mistake. The money belongs to you.”
The man, since then, trusted the bank more than he ever did before. This is what so called ‘bonafide‘. The customers have good faith in the bank. They trust the bank because the bank can be trusted.
Not only banks need to be trusted, every business and every body do. A father should be trusted by his children, a teacher by his students, a manager by his sub-ordinates, a leader by his followers. In short, every body needs to be trusted. When you break your promise and people don’t trust you any longer, you are not bonafide. You can not be trusted.
What is more important than being trusted? If people do not trust you or your company, what business can you run? The expression ‘No Trust No Business‘ can be 100 percent trusted.
So, let’s trust people who can be trusted and let people trust us. Be bonafide. (By David Solafide)

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