Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Eva Polio An Amazing Lady

Eva is a beautiful girl, but she has got a handicap. Her left leg is much smaller than the other one. She’s got what people call ‘polio’. Some years ago, when she was in Senior High School, she studied English at our English course NSC Surabaya. Her classroom was on the third floor. With a great effort, I think, she stepped the stairs to reach the class.

Seeing this, I asked the FO to use the only classroom on the first floor. They agreed. Knowing that the whole class should move to the first floor because I felt sorry for her disability, she said, “Sir, I don’t mind studying on the third floor. It’s okay for me. I’m as normal as others.” I was surprised. So, she had to step the stairs (still with great effort) three times a week for about one year.
Last year, I met her unintentionally. She was teaching English in a kindergarten. Again, I was surprised. Two weeks ago, I visited the kindergarten but I didn’t see her teaching, I asked the headmistress why Eva didn’t show up. “She is pregnant, she takes a leave” she said. “Pregnant?” I was not only surprised but I was also amazed.
What we learn from Eva is that people usually take self-pity. When they fail in executing a task, they try to find reasons and excuses. Eva never says, “I cannot step the stairs because I’ve got polio”. Nor, “Nobody will marry me because I’m a crippled girl”. She never blames her disability. She doesn’t have any reasons not to be as normal as others. She fights and fights. What an amazing lady. (By David Solafide)

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