Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Rock Never Dies

And, I will never stop listening to rock songs. Kata ‘never’ – yang artinya ‘tidak pernah’, berasal dari ‘not ever’ – memiliki variasi posisi dalam kalimat.

a. di belakang to be

She is never on time, she is always late.
He is never responsible for everything he does.
Winda is never disappointed even though her husband is seldom at home on Saturday nights.

b. di depan verb

Rock music never dies.
Mick Jagger never sings ‘dang-dut’ songs.
Some people are liars, they never tell the truth.
They never feel satisfied with their lives.

c. di antara auxiliary verb dan main verb

Febbie will never be able to climb the coconut tree.
She can never climb the coconut tree.
I will never forget you.
Judges should never take any bribes. (It is a pity, some do.)
I have never met Mr Bain face to face.
I have never been to Liverpool.

d. di depan negative opening

Never does he make such a serious mistake.
Never will I betray you.
Never have I heard such news: someone bought up all stocks of Tempo.

Please, never say ‘never’ again.

By David Solafide
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