Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Another Way To Earn Money

My younger brother, Agus, who is now nine years old is rather creative and spoiled. He always asks for money anytime there is a seller offering anything. Mother often doesn’t give him any money, because the things he wants to buy aren’t useful nor important.

One day, he asked for money to buy a lottery (kolas, Java). Of course, Mother didn’t give him any because the lottery was such a gambling. Agus was somewhat angry. He cried loudly, but Mother paid him no attention.
While Agus was crying, two ‘street buskers’ came and sang a song too poorly in front of our house. As usual, mother gave them a hundred rups. Knowing that he could sing much better than the singer beggars did, Agus stopped crying, ran into my room, took my guitar, stood in front of the house, and began singing loudly while some tears were still on his face.
None of us could help laughing. Willy-nilly, Mom gave him the money. 

By Dedy C. Daniel. 

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