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By Resy Marty

Marno could not sleep. His heart was full of sorrow. Bimbi, his girl friend, would leave this peaceful village for the big city, Jakarta. Marno had done everything to persuade Bimbi not to go.
“You haven’t known Jakarta yet, and you don’t have any family or relatives there,” he reminded her. “What are you going to do there?” he added.

In fact, neither Marno nor Bimbi had known Jakarta. They just got some information about it from the only TV set in the village which was put in the Kelurahan hall.
Marno couldn’t find a good reason why Bimbi had to go to Jakarta. Even Marno thought that Bimbi could get a lot of troubles in the city which was not familiar with her. While living in this village was so peaceful and enjoyable. The people in this village are like a big family. They are friendly, close to each other, and helpful.
But, Bimbi seemed not to be able to accept his ideas. Bimbi told him than living in a small and remote village made her crazy. She often dreamed of being a city girl, a modern one. She wanted to be like the Jakarta girls seen on TV. This thought, actually, grew the reason why she was eager to go to Jakarta. And she couldn’t help it. Therefore, rather than listening to Marno’s suggestion, she asked him to accompany her to the city.
“I still love and always will, Mas. But, I need to be modern. If I live here all my life, what can I get? I am an educated girl and I have to use my education to get a better future. If you want to go with me, I will be very happy,” said Bimbi. “But, if you don’t want to,” she added firmly. “I am still going.”
Marno loved her, not only because Bimbi was the most beautiful girl in the village, but also because she had better spirit of life than the other girls there in average. Although he had great intention to accompany her to Jakarta, he was still doubtful about what to do in Jakarta. “I’m able to do farming only,” he thought. “I don’t think farming is useful in that city.”
The next week, Bimbi left the small, remote, but peaceful village she had live in since she was born. Nobody could change her decision, neither could her parents nor Marno. Sad, confused, and helpless, Marno saw his girl friend leaving.
Some years passed, but there was no news about Bimbi. Marno could not help waiting any longer. He then decided to find his lover. For this, he had to go to Jakarta even though he had never been there before.
The following morning, he stepped down from the train and saw the biggest city in this country for the first time. Every body was very busy. Even they were too busy to give him directions. “A big city is much different from a small village,” he thought. “In the village, every body is willing to welcome new comers. But, here I am neglected.”
Marno stood up without knowing what to do when an eight year old boy approached and offered him to buy a newspaper. To his surprise, a picture of a woman on the front page of the newspaper seemed familiar to him. He bought the newspaper at once and stared at the picture. He read the text under the picture: Bimbi, a famous Indonesian model, signs a contract for Lux. He could hardly think. Bimbi had become a famous girl! She was a successful model!
With great difficulty Marno finally was able to find Bimbi’s luxurious house. He was standing in front of the gate when an old woman came out from the house.
“Excuse me, Mam,” said Marno. “Is it Bimbi’s house?”
“Sure,” the old woman replied hesitantly. “What do you want?”
“I have to see Bimbi,” said Marno hopefully.
“Have you made an appointment with Non Bimbi?” asked the woman reluctantly.
“No. But she knows me well. We are from the same village.”
“But, …..”
“Bi Inah, who is that?” a soft voice came out from the house.
“A man from a village, Non,” the old woman replied.
“Ask him to leave.”
“No. Bimbi, it’s me, Marno from Klumpit your village.”
“I am Marno from Klumpit, a small village in Tuban. You know me.”
After some time, a beautiful girl came out from the house. Marno could not recognize who the girl was.
“Yes. I am Bimbi,” said the girl.
Marno rubbed his eyes. He stared at the girl. “I am Marno from Klumpit, a small village in Tuban,” he lost the words he had prepared to say. “If you are Bimbi, you’ll know the village and me.”
“The village Bimbi has changed into the city Bimbi,” said the girl without asking Marno to enter the gate. “The city Bimbi doesn’t know anything about villages. So, if you don’t have anything else to say, do leave me and my house.”
This Bimbi was not Bimbi he had known. Jakarta had changed his Bimbi. Hurt? Absolutely. Then, Marno tried to get Bimbi out from his mind and memory. It was a very hard struggle.

Inspired by Titik Puspa’s Bimbi

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