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Difficult Words: No and Not

I have no idea
Beberapa kata memiliki kemiripan, karenanya sering menimbulkan kesalahan dalam pemakaian kata-kata tersebut. Berikut adalah perbedaan penggunaan kata ‘no’ dan ‘not’.

No adalah adjective (kata sifat), dan karena itu menjelaskan noun (kata benda).
I have no idea.
They have no children.
There was no coffee on the table when I got home.

Not adalah adverb (kata keterangan), menerangkan:
++ verb
He does not work in a factory.
She does not speak French fluently.
They have not come yet.
++ adjective
The woman is not beautiful.
English is not difficult.
He is not happy to see you.
++ adverb of time/place/frequency
It is not ten o’clock.
She was not in Surabaya yesterday.
He is not often absent.
++ numeral
There are not 20 boys in this class.
There were not many students absent yesterday.
Not many people came to the meeting last night.
++ article
It is not a good book.
The movie I saw last night was not an interesting one.
He is not the man of my type.
++ many/much, any/enough
There are not many people in my house.
There is not much money in my wallet.
There were not any guests came to my house last night.
There was not enough food for every body.

not + any = no
She does not have any money. (= She has no money.)
She did not need anything. (= She needed nothing.)
He was not looking for anybody. (= He was looking for nobody.)
He cannot do anything. (= He can do nothing.)
I did not go anywhere. (= I went nowhere.)

By David Solafide

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