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“Sinclair, come on. Time after us,” Austin shouted at Sinclair, his friend.
“Hold your horses. Relax. As long as I am here, everything is going to be smoothly going on. He… he… he…,” said Sinclair.
“I don’t like you,” Austin looked grouchy.
Austin and Sinclair were going to deliver a box to Blackburn, their neighboring city. They had no idea what was inside of the box. It was a bit heavy. They did not intend to open it. It was a part of their service. They were running a delivery service business.
The box was brought by an old woman yesterday morning. She was fat and her hair had turned into grey. She was wearing spectacles.
“Good morning, Madam. Is there anything we could help you?” asked Austin when welcoming her.
“May I sit down on this dirty chair?” asked her. Austin was embarrassed.
“Sure, sure, Madam. Let me clean it. I… I’m sorry for this inconvenience,” he cleaned it quickly. Then he pleased her.
“Well, I read in a newspaper yesterday that you have a delivery service business. Is that right?” asked her.
“You’re right, Madam.”
“And you always deliver the goods by yourself, not by your employee?” asked the old woman again.
“You’re soundly right, Madam. But actually, I have a friend, Sinclair is his name,” explained Austin.
“Oh, sorry I didn’t know it,” she said.
“That wouldn’t be surprising, Madam. Well, are we going to have a business?” asked Austin.
“We’ll see. You know I have a box I would like to send to Blackburn tomorrow.” The old woman fitted her spectacles.
“Is that a big one?” asked Austin curiously.
“It depends on how your arms feel it,” she smiled. “It’s not too heavy I suppose.”
“You have it with you now?”
“Well, it’s outside, in my cart,” she answered.
“Can we take a look at it now?” requested Austin.
“If it wouldn’t be disturbing you.”
“No. Not at all.”
Then they went out and saw the box. Austin smiled. He was trying to lift it. It was not so heavy.
“I think we have a deal, Madam,” said him convincingly.
“Alright. But I’ll bring the box back and bring it back to you tomorrow morning.”
Austin was a bit surprised. “Why, Madam?” asked him.
“It’s still empty. I’ll load it after this.”
Austin looked stupid. “What about if she filled it with heavy stones or even metals?” he asked himself.
“Deal or not?” the old woman asked. “I’ll get another if you say no.”
“Oh …. yes …. yes, Madam. We have a deal,” Austin answered hurriedly.
And now the box was in front of him and also Sinclair. They were preparing to leave for Blackburn. It usually took one day by cart.
“Austin, do you think we deserve to deliver this heavy box?” asked Sinclair breaking the silence. Austin just kept his mouth closed.
“I don’t know Sinclair. You know it was so light. I’m sorry,” he said as if it was all his fault not to check the order carefully.
“Oh, poor Austin, my friend. You have Sinclair beside you, the Heavy Man,” Sinclair tried to cheer up his friend. They laughed loudly. They then left their place to Blackburn.
They were about two hours trip. The day was sunny. They felt tired and so did the horse pulling the cart. They stopped and took a rest. The day was hotter than usual.
“Oh God. I hate money,” said Sinclair as they were resting under a tree.
“Don’t say that. You’ll need it,” Austin reminded his fellow. He did not smile. He seemed to be asking himself about the heavy box.
I know. I mean it’s too much for us to deliver this and we get a small money that we can use to live for a week,” Sinclair was trying to clarify his sentence.
Austin was wondering himself, his friend seldom talked like this before. He always did any job given although he was paid little.
“We’re still lucky. Many people can’t even eat once a day,” Austin said.
“Yes, you’re right. I just thought life is sometimes too hard for me,” Sinclair looked sad.
Austin took a pity on him. He, then, tapped his shoulder. “Be tough, buddy. Remember, Strong Man wins!!”
They laughed together.
“Austin. Be quiet,” Sinclair stopped his laughter suddenly. “You hear that?”
“Isn’t that a baby crying?” Austin looked at Sinclair.
“I guess so,” he whispered. “Let’s find out.”
Then they detected where the voice came from. They looked around. Nothing.
They stepped back when they found the voice around the box. They looked at each other.
“It’s here, Austin. Very clear,” said Sinclair.
“In the box?” they asked almost together. They nodded their heads.
“How can it be here?” asked Sinclair.
“I don’t know. Let’s open it,” said Austin.
“No. It’s breaking our business ethic,” reminded Sinclair.
“Forget it. We need to save ourselves.” They then opened the box.
“Oh, God. I can’t believe it,” Austin almost shouted.
“Austin, look. There’s a note in the box,” Sinclair found a folded paper. Then he read it.
“Dear the Deliverers of this box. I’m sorry to trouble you. I have to save this baby. Her mother doesn’t want her. She wants to kill her because the baby’s father left them. Therefore I’d like to give this baby to my friend, Xena. She’ll be safe with her. Again, sorry. I love this baby. Thank you.”
“Oh, … Austin.”
“Oh, … baby.”
“Oh, … money.”

By Budi Sambora

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