Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

The Wily Hawk

Once a Mongoose found a bevy of doves made their home in a nearby tree. So every night he raided the tree. He killed the luckless birds one by one. The helpless doves became panicky. They had no idea how to save themselves.
The news spread all over the countryside. A Hawk came to their help. He said, "I hear you need a help. You want yourselves to be saved from that wicked stoat. Well, if you want my help, I can do something for you."
The doves were so much afraid of the stoat, that they forgot that the Hawk too was one of their enemies. They listened to his advice hoping that at last there was someone to save them.
The Hawk suggested, "Fellow doves, you must leave this place first. Otherwise you will be killed by the stoat." The doves questioned, "Where shall we go? We don't know any safer place !"
The Hawk replied, "Leave this to me. You follow me. I will take you to a safe place in the woods. You can stay there comfortably." The doves agreed without any hesitation. Then the Hawk said, "You come one by one with me so that the mongoose may not suspect about your hideout. Who is coming first?" As soon as the dove flew out of the sight of the others, the Hawk pounced on it and ate it. Thus, while the Mongoose lost its store of food the Hawk got food in plenty.

Moral: Caution is the eldest child of wisdom.
(Once Upon A Time Vol. 1, Dhingra, Delhi – India)

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