Senin, 27 September 2010

Olivia Newton-John: Let It Shine

A woman needs attention
like the flowers need the sun.
Without than attention,
well a woman feels undone.
Now I’m like a flower
that’s been standing in the rain.
Hopin’ and prayin’
that the sun will shine again.

Is there anybody out there who can shine?
Any time would be fine.
Is there anybody out there who can glow
and would like to see a little flower grow?
(And would like to see this woman’s love-light show?)
Shine on me, let it shine
A woman needs a love-light
to keep her body warm.

You know without love-light
well, her mind can do her harm
And, now that light’s gone out for me.
I’m standing in the dark
hopin’ and prayin’ just to see a little spark.

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