Selasa, 14 September 2010

She Changed Me into a Donkey

One day Nasreddin bought a donkey in the market; but while he was taking it home, two thieves followed him. One of them took the rope from the donkey’s neck and tied it round his friend’s neck. Then he went away with the donkey.

When Nasreddin got home, he turned and saw the young man. He was very surprised. ‘Where is my donkey?’ he said angrily.
‘I am very sorry,’ said the thief, ‘but once I said some very bad things to my mother, and she changed me into a donkey. But because a good man bought me, I am now a man again! Thak you!’
Nasreddin untied the man and said, ‘Go! And never say bad things to your mother again!’
The next day, Nasreddin saw the same donkey in the market again! The other thief was selling it.
Nasreddin went to it and said into its ear, ‘Young man, some people will never learn!’

(L.A. Hill, Elementary Stories for Reproduction, Oxford University Press)

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