Selasa, 21 September 2010

Sold Out

‘The play may begin at any moment,’ I said.
‘It may have begun already,’ Susan answered.
I hurried to the ticket-office. ‘May I have two ticket please?’ I asked.
‘I’m sorry, we’ve sold out,’ the girl said.
‘What a pity!’ Susan exclaimed.
Just then, a man hurried to the ticket-office.
‘Can I return these two tickets?’ he asked.
‘Certainly,’ the girl said.
I went back to the ticket-office at once.
‘Could I have those two tickets please?’ I asked.
‘Certainly,’ the girl said, ‘but they are for next Wednesday’s performance. Do you still want them?’
‘I might as well have them,’ I said sadly.

(L.G. Alexander, Practice and Progress, Kanisius)

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