Kamis, 09 September 2010

Verbs Followed by Gerund

I anticipate having a good time .....
1. admit; He admitted stealing the money.
2. advise; She advised waiting until tomorrow.
3. anticipate; I anticipate having a good time on vacation.
4. appreciate; I appreciated hearing from them.
5. avoid; He avoided answering my question.
6. complete; I finally completed writing my term paper.
7. consider; I will consider going with you.
8. delay; He delayed leaving for school.
9. deny; He denied committing the crime.
10. discuss; They discussed opening a new business.
11. dislike; I dislike driving long distances.
12. enjoy; We enjoyed visiting them.
13. finish; She finished studying about ten.
14. forget; I’ll never forget visiting Napoleon’s tomb.
15. can’t help; I can’t help worrying about it.
16. keep; I keep hoping he will come.
17. mention; She mentioned going to a movie.
18. mind; Would you mind helping me with this?
19. miss; I miss being with my family.
20. postpone; Let’s postpone leaving until tomorrow.
21. practice; The athlete practiced throwing the ball.
22. quit; He quit trying to solve the problem.
23. recall; I don’t recall meeting him before.
24. recollect; I don’t recollect meeting him before.
25. recommend; She recommended seeing the show.
26. regret; I regret telling him my secret.
27. remember; I can remember meeting him when I was a child.
28. resent; I resent her interfering in my business.
29. resist; I couldn’t resist eating the dessert.
30. risk; She risks losing all of her money.
31. stop; She stopped going to classes when she got sick.
32. suggest; She suggested going to a movie.
33. tolerate; She won’t tolerate cheating during an examination.
34. understand; I don’t understand his leaving school.

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