Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Wolf Who Would Be A Shepherd

A Wolf unable to catch his prey for a couple of days became very hungry. Finding no other way to get his meal the wolf thought of a trick. While the Shepherd and his Dog lay fast asleep, he crept towards a flock of sheep. Taking the Shepherd's hat and coat, he put them on. Now the sheep will take him for Shepherd and he could lead them away and eat them up one by one.

The Wolf was pleased to see that Shepherd and his Dog were still sound asleep. He then imagined himself as a shepherd which gave him enough consolation and he forgot his hunger and thirst. The Wolf crept nearer and nearer to the flock.
Suddenly it occurred to him that if he had to copy the shepherd's voice. He cried but instead of man's voice, out came a dreadful howl that woke up the Shepherd, his Dog and the flock. The shepherd and the dog caught hold of him and gave him a good beating.
When he was let off he was more dead than alive. With his tail between his legs, hungrier than ever, he crawled back to his den and whispered tearfully, "I thought out of a plan to be a shepherd but it did not work. I am a wolf and have to be contented with what I am. It is far better to stay without meal for sometime than to be beaten up and go without food as I am now."

Moral: Borrowed garments never fit well.
(Once Upon A Time Vol. 1, Dhingra, Delhi – India)

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