Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Alone in the Dark

It was dark. And damp. Not a flicker of light enter. I felt something cold trickling on my nape and moved a little bit only to touch something wet and slippery. I was paralyzed by fear. Of what I didn’t know. I couldn’t even remember why I was here in the first place. I wanted to scream, but my lungs seemed to constrict against my will. Only silent tears running down my cheeks told me that I was still alive.

I could hear voices and noises from outside. Or was it from inside, and I was outside? I couldn’t think straight. I tried to feel my way around, but in the pitch dark it was useless. Things started to come to mind. The chaos… and cries…and screams…. Something spilled and something thrown. Being lifted up. And then darkness.
I was ready to lose my mind when I heard a click. Then a sliver of light entered the room. It grew bigger, and bigger until it was blinding me. Then a tall shadow fell on me. That of a man. It went in, coming closer and closer. I was transfixed. Then those same big hands came upon me and lifted me. And the man spoke.
“Well, young lady, I hope you learned your lesson.”
“Three minutes for a three year old does seem long right, but that’s what little girls get when they throw tantrums on the dinner table.”
“Now, wipe those tears away…, then we can have some warm chocolate milk, what do you say?”
I said nothing… I just buried my head on my daddy’s neck. Now I remember why I was in that bathroom for three long, never-ending minutes.

By Ranti Fitriyani
inspired by the experience when she was punished to stay in the bathroom by her father

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