Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

The Ant and The Dove

One day an Ant was passing by the river. Suddenly it fell into the water. As ants cannot swim they are drowned. But this ant was lucky enough. He had caught twig while crying for help. He was out of the water by the help of the twig.
When he opened his eyes he found there was foaming water all around. This bank was very far away from him. He found himself standing on something solid and floating. It was a twig and a very tiny one which carried him safely. He said to himself, "Thank God. I am lucky. If I had not found this twig, I would have been drowned!"
He was very pleased, though the twig which he had caught was carried away by the current and sometimes overturned. The ant held the twig very tightly. There was no chance of falling into the stream. But the Ant did not know where it was going and how far he had come from his home. "I will never find my way back to my home." He shouted for help.
His shouting attracted a Dove which was flying past. The Dove saw an ant was crying for help in the water. He picked up the twig and carried it to the shore. "Thank you very much," said the Ant. "You have saved my life. I will never forget this. If I get a chance to help you any day, I will surely do it."
"No! No! There is no need for thanks," replied the Dove. "It was my duty to help you and I have done.” The Dove thought how a small creature like the ant could be of any help to her.
A hunter saw the Dove flying. He aimed his gun towards the Dove. The Ant saw him. He managed to crawl under his socks and bit him. The man cried in pain. He missed his aim. The Dove flew away unhurt, helped by the tiny ant, whom he had under estimated.

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
(Once Upon A Time Vol.1, Dhingra, Delhi - India)

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