Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Dewa 19: Flower in the Dessert

Why you always have something nice to say
Makes me sway
And why does my heart keep beatin' fast
When you kiss, kiss my lips
When all the sugar has gone
I don't know how

But you make everything feels like
the very first time
You can make a man like me
Fallin' in love again
Though loving you is breaking all the rules
Please tell me what to do you are

You are the flower in the dessert
That’s what you are
flower in a dessert
That’s what you are
You bring me joy and happiness
when I’m all alone

Why could you always make me feel the same
I love your way
Though I should have known 

this is just a game we play
Hey, smiling face
Have you ever really loved a man
till you sway
or have you just been taking 

all these things for granted

can also be seen here

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