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Vocabulary: Connectors (1)

She is not only beautiful but also smart.
Ada 4 macam connector (kata penghubung):
a. parallel structure
b. condition connectors
c. purpose connectors
d. cause connectors



1. and, but, or, nor
2. not only ….. but also, as well as, both …. and …..
1. and, but, or, nor

verb   and/but/or/nor   verb
adverb   and/but/or/nor   adverb
noun   and/but/or/nor   noun
adjective   and/but/or/nor   adjective

He will leave at six and arrive at nine.
That dress is beautiful but expensive.
He could work as a chemist or an engineer.

Exercise 1: Correct the mistakes in parallel structure in these sentences. Compare your answer to Answer to Connectors (1)

1. The book contained stories, poetic, and plays.
2.  She needed some shoes that were inexpensively, hard-wearing, and attractive.
3. The paper contained mistakes in grammar, spelling, and stylistic.
4.  In the mornings, he usually has some coffee, reads the newspaper, and will jog.
5. They do not eat pork nor are they eating shellfish.
6. Most visitors to London or Paris spend their time visiting the museums and to shop.
7. The course was very interesting and practical but costs.
8. Check your verbs for tense and agree.

2. not only ….. but also, as well as, both …. and …..

not only ….. but also

not only  noun  but also  noun
not only  verb  but also  verb
not only  adverb  but also adverb
not only  adjective  but also  adjective

Mary is not only beautiful but also intelligent.
Bob not only studies but also works.
(Bob does not only study but also works.)
She types not only fast but also accurately.

as well as

verb as well as  verb
adverb as well as  adverb
noun as well as  noun
adjective as well as  adjective

Mary is beautiful as well as intelligent.
Bob studies as well as works.
She types fast as well as accurately.

Betty, as well as her parents, is going out of town.
The nurses, as well as the doctor, are with the patient.

both   …..  and  ……

both   noun  and noun
both   verb   and verb
both   adverb  and  adverb
both   adjective  and  adjective

Mary is both beautiful and intelligent.
Bob both studies and works.
She types both fast and accurately.

Exercise 2: Fill in blanks with “not only … but also” or “as well as” or “both …. and”: Compare your answer to Answer to Connectors (1)

1. It was ………….. cold and wet.
2. The new models are ………… more economical but also more attractive.
3. She ate the hamburger …………. the hot dog.
4. He has ……… the time and the money.
5. He not only directed the movie …………. acted in it.
6. The teacher checked the essay for grammarr …………. form.
7. She was ………… hungry and tired when she returned from the hike.
8. He was ……….. an artist but also a scientist.

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