Senin, 22 November 2010

Short Story: Addiction

Its been a week since it’s been absent from my life and now it has returned. With the single desk lamp turned on in this dark working room, I get up and open the door in front of me, letting in the early night’s breeze in as my guest. The sky is turning dark as the sunset begins its travels into someone else’s sight. There is a sound, a rolling of a gate and the sound of my neighbor’s car coming in their driveway with a flashing glimpse of their headlight. I hear the sound of the call to prayer, a beautiful voice fragmented by the broken speaker.

It is at this time, that my body and my mind feels most alive in its present moment, breathing every air, every taste and emotion. Then a laid back folk music is played. While listening to this deep rusty voice and gentle words, I am swept away into a landscape of joy, love, innocence, and gratitude. I feel one with life, one with the whole world, overwhelmed as I expand and disintegrate into the air and become whole with everyone and everything. I am him, I am her, they are us, we are one, we are life.
After being disassembled, stabilized and refastened, my mac-book shows its illuminating visions once again. Here I am returning to my afternoon ritual as I sit facing this silver object of mine, heated from the day’s use.
I am whole again.

By alianasier, on September 18th, 2010
published on Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2010
republished here by permission

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