Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Short Story: Please Forgive Our Sin

“He is a nice father, “sobbed a man while pretending wipes his tears with his handkerchiefs. “…And an old stingy bastard who left me nothing but the house!” silently he cursed.

An older woman step forward and said calmly, “He is a very loving husband who loves me tender and caring for our children…” and she whispered slowly so nobody can hear but herself, “Whose loves is too tender for he has so many unregistered wives and illicit children across the country…”
She gave her sad look at the priest then their eyes fell together upon a younger woman.
And lastly that younger woman also speaks, “I am going to miss him so badly now he is not around…” and then she look at her belly and thinking, “What I am going to do with this unborn child now the father is dead? My own father did this to me…”
Since there was nobody else in that cemetery, the priest then rounding them together for last prayer before the casket being brought below six under feet… He sighed and stare at the family walking away from him, His gazed fixed on the younger girl and looking up he give his silent private prayer, “My dear friend… Thank you for you loving to my daughter… Dear God, forgive my sin… Please forgive all our sin…”

By riatumimomor, on September 24th, 2010
This posting is published on Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2010

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