Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Short Story: The Cherry Blossoms

“Winter is almost here..”
That is the only line she can think of when she looks through her bedroom window. The freezing cold air touches her pale skin when she stretches out her right arm through the small opening on that window. “ugh…It’ll be harsh this month…” she mumbles. Light haze coming out from her nostrils. She still remembers what has happened last month. It seemed like only yesterday.

It was that particular day, early in the morning. She woke up with the same freezing wind that has opened her window today. She rushed out from her bedroom, made a stop at her wardrobe, wore her turtleneck, a pair of jeans and her favorite running shoes. She rushed out, shut the door, and walked over the asphalt path.
The Cherry Blossoms trees on the garden in front of her house have shed their leaves and flowers. They looked like scrawny twigs pointing to the sky as if saying “I’ve done my part. Now I shed little pieces of my soul for you to collect..” The trees were calling her. She loves to see them, to admire their beauty, to imagine as if those falling petals were soft flakes of snow.
At some point, she stumbled upon a log on the ground. She fell face forward and got quite amazed with what she saw in front of her. She got herself straight up, and suddenly held her breath for what she has seen a few seconds ago would change her life forever.
Inside the barks, she found tiny little creatures with pointed ears, red cheeks, red noses, wearing little caps, one button jacket, short pants, and green boots. “Am I dreaming?” she rubbed her eyes, close and open them several times and still see the same thing.
It has been a month. Winter comes. She always loves winter. She closes the window, gazed upon those scrawny trees again, put on her jacket and rushed out into the trees. She can’t wait to meet them today. For she has befriended with little Cherry Blossoms men who dwells inside the tree.

By novenia, on August 19th, 2010
This posting is published on Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2010

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