Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Experience: English Conversation

We students often get English conversation in class. One day or two before the session, our teacher usually asks us to prepare it at home as a homework. Last month, the conversation was about unforgettable experience. It would be a very nice session. However, none of us prepared the task.

Our teacher called a student to come in front of the class and tell about the unforgettable experience. The student appeared nervously. When the teacher asked him whether he had done the homework or not, he didn’t say any single word. Then, our teacher asked the whole students who had done the homework. Nobody raised hand.
Our teacher got very angry, she asked Agus, “Did you do the homework?”
Agus shook his head.
“Anybody who didn’t do the homework should go out from the classroom and the score will be cut. Now, Agus go out!”
All of us were afraid.
The teacher called us by name one by one, unfortunately nobody had done the homework. All twenty four students went out from the room. We were afraid and felt guilty for not obeying our teacher.
We, then, went to the principal’s room to apologize to our teacher for having made her angry. We promised not to do the same thing in the future. Fortunately, our teacher forgave us. We all went back to the classroom.
Since that day on, we always try to answer the teacher’s questions although we still don’t speak English very well. From this experience we have learned that speaking English is hard but interesting.

By Angelina Chiara, SMP Dapena I - Sby

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