Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Jawaban BIG (10)

1. I write an article every day. I wrote an article yesterday.
2. Ary Amhir always kisses her children every morning. Yesterday morning, she also kissed them before they went to school.
3. I like listening to music. Last night, I listened to The Beatles’ songs.
4. I called you last night, but you weren’t at home.

5. Some people say they want to be able to speak English, but they don’t want to practice.
6. When I was a kid, I was very fat, that’s why people called me ‘Fatty.’
7. Although I am now thin, people in my kampoong still call me ‘Fatty’. Strange, isn’t it?
8. Before she goes to work, Lintang usually doesn’t have breakfast, but she had pecel for breakfast this morning.
9. I watched a sad movie last night.
10. After the movie ended, I felt sad.

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