Senin, 14 Juni 2010


By Erny Mulyosari – Surabaya.
Solidarity is very important in life, but sometimes it can also be very dangerous. When I was in junior high school, five friends and I usually did everything and went everywhere together. One day, our classmate would celebrate her birthday. It was raining hard when I had to go. I took a ‘man-powered’ taxi (becak) and picked up the other five.

Since the street was very slippery because of the rain and the becak carried sif girls on it, the driver could not drive it well. The becak rolled on the street and turned upside-down. All of us were thrown out and dirty with mud. Eventhough some people helped us, they also laughed at us.
We could not attend the party. We had to go home (still with the same becak). The solidarity gave us a ‘bad experience’.


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