Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

Jawaban BIG 13

1. “Listen to me,” our teacher said one morning.
2. All of us looked at him.
3. “Respect other people, then other people will also respect you,” he said.
4. “It’s strange,” I thought. “Pak Bain has never been so serious this way. There must be something wrong.”

5. “Love other people, so other people will also love you,” he continued.
6. “Let’s imagine. If all students in this school love each other, what will happen?”
7. “Answer my question. Raise your hands,” Pak Bain was still very serious.
8. “We all will live in peace,” I tried to answer.
9. “Wrong! It’s absolutely wrong!” Pak Bain’s voice made all of us keep silent.
10. “All of you will be jealous to each other!”


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