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The Foolish Monkey

Long ago the lion, king of the forest died leaving no heir to the crown. All the inhabitants of the forest gathered to choose a new king. The animals began arguing among themselves as to whose head the beautiful crown studded with diamonds would fit, instead of who was better suited to be the king.

Many of the animals tried to put on the crown, but the crown was too big or too small on most of them. When all the animals had given up hope of finding someone whose head would fit the crown, a Monkey insisted on trying the crown. He took the crown and started doing all sort of tricks. He held the crown round his waist like a belt, then slipped it onto his arm and made it whirl. He then balanced it on his hind legs and dancing in and out of the crown as if it was a hoop for circus animals.
All the animals amused at the monkey's tricks with the crown and decided that the monkey was best suited to wear the crown. Thus, the Monkey became the new king of the forest. There was great rejoicing in the Monkey's honour. The only animal against the new king was the cunning Fox who was keen to bring the animals back to their senses.
One fine morning the Fox went to the Monkey and said, "Your Majesty, I've just come across some treasure in the forest and as our king, you alone should have it. Please come with rne and I'll show you where it is." The Monkey accompanied the fox, but instead of finding any treasure he found himself trapped. The Fox hurried into the forest to tell all other animals. He brought them to where the Monkey lay, trapped!
“Look at your king, he cannot control himself and he expects to govern us!" The other animals were now convinced that the Monkey was not fit to be their king. They took the crown away.

Moral: First deserve then desire.

(Once Upon A Time Vol. 1, Dhingra, Delhi-India)

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