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The Fox And The Crow

In the forest there were several birds. A Crow among them thought himself to be the cleverest. In the same forest there was an Owl who also thought himself to be the cleverest. The clash was going on between the two.
At certain point, a little Sparrow mediated and said, "I have an idea. We will decide on some food that one of you normally eat. Now, who manages to get some in the shortest time will be declared the cleverest bird."

The Owl and the Crow agreed. The Crow flew as fast as he could to the nearest village, while the Owl stretched his wings and went to sleep.
"Wake up !" said the Crow, "you will have to agree that I am the cleverest bird. Here is the piece of cheese, and you haven't even started looking for yet."
The Owl was very much surprised. He had to admit that the Crow had better of him. And the Owl flew out of the forest. Just at that moment a Fox was passing by. He said, "Good evening, Crow. Please share your cheese with me!" But the clever crow nodded his refusal. The fox requested, "Come down to me so that both of us have a share of it"
The Crow thought that if he got nearer the fox, he will be eaten up along with the cheese. So he stayed back, where he was.
But the Fox was much cleverer than the Crow. He sat back on his haunches and said, "Of course you are cleverer than the Owl but I have heard much about you. I didn't know how beautiful you look in such glossy black feathers.' Then the greedy Fox praised him and said, "I am sure any bird as beautiful as you must have a sweet voice too. I will be very much honored if I hear you."
The Crow was tempted by the praise of the Fox and opened his beak to sing a song which was harsh and unmusical. As he opened his beak the cheese dropped on the ground. The fox caught it and said, "Not only you are black and ugly but you are also stupid."
And the Fox went on his way chewing the piece of cheese with great satisfaction.

Moral: Give him an inch and he will have all.
(Once Upon A Time, Dhingra Publishing House, Delhi - India)

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