Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Jawaban BIG 15

1. “Look at that old blind man! He is walking straight to a big hole,” said Febbie in the garden one afternoon.
2. “What’s wrong with that?” asked Winda.
3. “He is going to fall into the hole.”
4. “It’s impossible. He is wearing glasses, isn’t he?” Winda replied.

5. “Do you mean that the man can see with his sunglasses?” asked Febbie.
6. Febbie and Winda came closer to the man.
7. “Be careful, sir. There’s a big hole in front of you,” Febbie warned the man.
8. “What hole?” the man asked.
9. “A manhole,” answered Winda.
10. “Ah, I don’t like manholes, I like another hole,” said the man with sunglasses.

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