Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Not For Boss

There are two kinds of leadership: a leader and a boss. A leader leads his sub-ordinates to execute their duties so that the organization reaches its goal or target. It is not a must that a leader is an intelligent person, but he must know what people have to do.
A leader, in this case, is like a tour guide. He shows the tourists the way to a tourism destination and he himself goes with the tourists there. When the tourists are tired to reach the place, he encourages them to struggle and he himself does struggle with them. Such a leader knows the capacity and potential of his sub-ordinates.
This is not for a boss. He only wants to have everything done well. He doesn’t care how everything is handled. What leaders do we have? Tourist guides or bosses? Well, it is only an opinion of mine. (By David Solafide)

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