Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Blind Jealousy

A cousin of mine, Hanes, is a handsome boy. He is very closed to me. We sometimes go to some plazas.
One day, he came to my house and asked me to accompany him to Tunjungan Plaza. He wanted me to help him choose the shirt he was buying.

“Why don’t you ask your girl friend to accompany you?” I teased him. I knew that he had had a girl friend, but up to the time I only knew her name.
“Your sense of choosing things and bargaining is better than hers,” Hanes tried to persuade me. He knew exactly it wasn’t true.
In the plaza, when we were burying in choosing shirts, a girl looked at us angrily. She drew closer.
“Ha. That’s why you said you were busy. The fact, you go hand in hand with another girl,” said the girl to Hanes. Then, she left us without giving Hanes any chance to clarify the misunderstanding. She seemed to be jealous of me.
“It is a good lesson for you, Hanes,” I gave him my sermon. “You had better introduce your girl friend to your family, so that there will be no misunderstanding.”

By Evi Ticenaviyatti – Basic Two, NSC Surabaya Polytechnic

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