Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

How Did You Lose Your Way?

Mrs Brown’s old grandfather lived with her and her husband. Every morning he went for a walk in the park and came home at half past twelve for his lunch.

But one morning a police car stopped outside Mrs Brown’s house at twelve o’clock, and two policemen helped Mr Brown to get out. One of them said to Mrs Brown, ‘The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned to us for help, so we sent a car to bring him home.’ Mrs Brown was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and
they left.
‘But, Grandfather,’ she then said, ‘you have been to that park nearly every day for twenty years. How did you lose your way there?’
The old man smiled, closed one eye and said, ‘I didn’t quite lose my way. I just got tired and I didn’t want to walk home!’

(L.A. Hill, Elementary Stories for Reproduction, Oxford University Press)

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