Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Fighting Against A Fork

Nasreddin had an old shed. It had no windows, so it was very dark, and it full of old things.
One day Nasreddin went into this shed to get a ladder, but slipped on something and fell against a big garden fork. The fork hit him on the head and knocked him down. Then it fell on top of him and hit him hard on the left leg. The ends of the fork then went into his long beard.
He fought with the fork fiercely, and at last threw it off him, jumped up and ran out of the shed. He was very angry.
He had an old sword under his bed, and he now ran and got this. Then he ran back to the shed, opened the door suddenly and shouted in a terrible voice, ‘All right, come out and fight, you and all the other forks in the world! I’m not afraid of you!’

(L.A. Hill, Elementary Stories for Reproduction, Oxford University Press)

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