Sabtu, 04 September 2010

About Working Women

Getting a job means getting money. Normally, getting our own money makes us feel better. It is our own money and we do not need others’ advice or permission to spend it. we can use it as we wish, to buy things that we very much want, to save it in a bank for our future needs, to spend a lot in order to have fun, or to accomplish our daily needs to run our family life. However, it is this consideration that becomes the problem, namely, what is the money for?
A working woman who has not got married may enjoy herself with the money by going to new interesting places, studying her interest, developing her hobby, buying favorite things, or saving some of the money for her future plans.
The problem can be different when the woman has got married. She has another job to do, that is accompanying her husband to run the family. The money she earns is mostly spent for the family’s concerns. She cannot use the money as she herself wishes anymore. This condition becomes more intense as she has severl children to care. Her time is generally absorbed by the growing process of the children. Still, the need of money becomes an important point. And this goes on up to the time when her children can stand on their own, running their own family.
In the old days she still, of course, needs money. The purpose is much different: it is just to make her life well. Normally she does not need as much as before for herself. She has passed her difficult time and here started to live peacefully.
For working women, if the condition is like the above, there is no reason for them to stop working. Perhaps they can resign from their jobs, but they are still required to do some hard work at home. The problem comes the same whether they get a job or not. If so, why should they quit the job while they still have a chance to do it? It is usually followed by the condition, of course, that they can manage both sides properly.
However, the condition is still under question. Life cannot be thought purely mathematically, although it is very logical. There are a lot of conditions beyond our considerations. So often, what we are sure something is going to happen, in fact it does not. The objection to working women, whatever the reasons are, cannot be proved in general.
Working women, in one side, a part of the world history. As always happens to the other parts, if the still keep the law of nature, their existence will run well. But if they do not, they will be ruined. And this tendency can be seen from their basic motive in working. In more specific statement: what are the work and money for?

By Drs. Haryanto, Unesa, Sby

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