Minggu, 05 September 2010

Adjective dengan Infinitive

I was surprised to see Tim at the meeting
Adjective tertentu dapat langsung diikuti oleh infinitive.
We are sorry to hear the bad news.
I was surprised to see Tim at the meeting.
Secara umum, adjective tersebut menjelaskan seseorang, bukan sesuatu. Kebanyakan dari adjective tersebut menjelaskan perasaan atau sikap seseorang.


afraid to
amazed to*
anxious to
ashamed to
astonished to*
careful to
content to
delighted to
determined to
disappointed to*
eager to
fortunate to
glad to
happy to
hesitant to
lucky to
motivated to
pleased to
prepared to
proud to
ready to
relieved to
reluctant to
sad to*
shocked to*
sorry to*
stunned to*
surprised to*
upset to*
willing to

*Ungkapan dengan tanda asterisk biasanya diikuti oleh infinitive dengan verb seperti: see, learn, discover, find out, hear.

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