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Verb dengan Infinitive (2)

She seems to be very patient
Berikut adalah dafter Verb yang diikuti infinitive. Kelompok A adalah verb yang langsung diikuti oleh infinitive, sedangkan Kelompok B adalah verb yang diikuti oleh noun/pronoun object + infinitive

1. afford; I can’t afford to buy it.
2. agree; They agreed to help us.
3. appear; She appears to be tired.
4. arrange; I’ll arrange to meet you at the airport.
5. ask; He asked to come with us.
6. beg; He begged to come with us.
7. care; I don’t care to see that show.
8. claim; She claims to know a famous movie star.
9. content; She finally contented to marry him.
10. decide; I have decided to leave on Monday.
11. demand; I demand to know who is responsible.
12. deserve; She deserves to win the prize.
13. expect; I expect to enter graduate school in the fall.
14. fail; She failed to return the book to the library on time.
15. forget; I forgot to mail the letter.
16. hesitate; Don’t hesitate to ask for my help.
17. hope; Jack hopes to arrive next week.
18. learn; He learned to play the piano.
19. manage; She managed to finish her work early.
20. mean; I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling.
21. need; I need to have your opinion.
22. offer; They offered to help us.
23. plan; I am planning to have a party.
24. prepare; We prepared to welcome them.
25. pretend; he pretends not to understand.
26. promise; I promise not to be late.
27. refuse; I refuse to believe his story.
28. regret; I regret to tell you that you failed.
29. remember; I remembered to lock the door.
30. seem; That cat seems to be friendly.
31. struggle; I struggled to stay awake.
32. swear; She swore to tell the truth.
33. threaten; She threatened to tell my parents.
34. volunteer; He volunteered to help us.
35. wait; I will wait to hear from you.
36. want; I want to tell you something.
37. wish; She wishes to come with us.

38. advise; She advised me to wait until tomorrow.
39. allow; She allowed me to use her car.
40. ask; I asked John to help us.
41. beg; They begged us to come.
42. cause; Her laziness caused her to fail.
43. challenge; She challenged me to race her to the corner.
44. convince; I couldn’t convince him to accept our help.
45. dare; He dared me to do better than he had done.
46. encourage; He encouraged me to try again.
47. expect; I expect you to be on time.
48. forbid; I forbid you to tell him.
49. force; They forced him to tell the truth.
50. hire; She hired a boy to mow the lawn.
51. instruct; He instructed them to be careful.
52. invite; Harry invited the Johnsons to come to his party.
53. need; We needed Chris to help us figure out the solution.
54. order; The judge ordered me to pay a fine.
55. permit; He permitted the children to stay up late.
56. persuade; I persuaded him to come for a visit.
57. remind; She reminded me to lock the door.
58. require; Our teacher requires us to be on time.
59. teach; My brother taught me to swim.
60. tell; The doctor told me to take these pills.
61. urge; I urged her to apply for the job.
62. want; I want you to be happy.
63. warn; I warned you not to drive too fast.

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