Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Difficult Words: Few and Little

The baby has little hair.
Few dan little mengandung arti ‘sedikit’
few – fewer – the fewest, untuk Countable noun
few students/children/books

little – less – the least, untuk Uncountable noun
little sugar/rice/time

There were few students absent from class yesterday.
Few people who are willing to study English hard.
I had little time to finish the report yesterday.
She needs little sugar to make a cup of tea.

few/little bernuansa ‘negatif’ karena terlalu sedikit.
a few/ a little bernuansa ‘positif’ karena walaupun sedikit, toh masih ada
(-) Jack has lived here for a long time but he just has few friends.
(+) Bram has just lived here for two weeks but he has already had a few friends.

1. He spends (few, little) time on his English.
2. John has (few, little) money but he still has (few, a few) friends.
3. She made (few, little) mistakes on her examinations.
4. He has (many, much) money but (few, little) friends.
5. A man whom people cannot trust will have (a few, few) friends.

1. little
2. little, a few
3. few
4. much, few
5. few

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