Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Short Story: Polaroids

[ed - This entry is one of the Top 12 Popular Vote Finalists for English Language Entries]

The Polaroid photos lying sweetly in her hands, she looked at them carefully as her mind drifted to happy memories that she has still clung to.


It’s June 14th and she’s just about to be ready to leave the house. She packs her precious Polaroid camera, putting lip gloss on her lips once again, looks in the mirror and smiling to herself. ‘This is it’, she said to herself. I’m ready. Her fine figure is wrapped in an elegant black and white dress, which she bought with her salary from her part time job. *CLICK* sounds the door as she makes her way out of the house to the tram station.

At eight that night, she blows her birthday candles with ten of her closest friends in Melbourne. She glances at the man she will marry next year sitting next to her, a delicious dinner, a beautiful cake, genuine friends.. “Perfecto.” Their faces show happiness, now that their dear friend is entering adulthood. They make a toast. She smiles contently. This is her perfect 21st birthday dinner she planned for almost half a year.


Coming back from her daydreaming from looking at the Polaroids, she sighs softly. Suddenly the photos look as if they are missing something again. She puts the pictures back to where it belongs inside her personal agenda, next to the newspaper clipping she pasted 3 years ago that reads “Deadly Car Crash Kills Young Man, June 14, 2007″. She puts her wimple back on her head, ready to start her devotional prayer. ‘if only…” to herself.

By kartikadumasari, on September 22nd, 2010
This posting is published on Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2010

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