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Short Story: The Line

“Sir, you cut the line.”
The man turned his head to me as I grabbed his hand.
“I need to see her,” he said.
I nodded. “Yes, but there are hundreds of people waiting to get in, just like you. Why don’t you go back and get in line?”
“No! She’s inside and I need to be there quickly. Please, I just need to see her for a second.”
I should admit, I liked this man. If you didn’t understand the concept of gravity, you should look at him. He had this short black hair and clear brilliant brown eyes. I liked the way his lips moved and his grey oxford shirt.

Unfortunately, I realized that I came here to do my job and said,”There’s no exception.”
“God! Please…do you know what I did to get here?!”
“Have you ever loved somebody, miss?”
I was about to say that falling in love wasn’t in my job description when he shouted again,”How far would you go for somebody you love??”
“Now get me in!!”
“Sir, the problem isn’t only that you cut the line,” I quickly added,”You don’t belong here. You should be down there.”
His tone lowered. “What do you mean ‘down there’?”
I tried not to look at him when some other guards finally came and took him away. I heard him screaming, shouting and cursing. I felt a little sorry, but I knew he shouldn’t be here.
“Sorry for the disturbance. He slipped away on the way,” one of the guards spoke.
I took a quick glance through the gate, remembered what the man said a while ago. “By the way, what did he do to get here?”
“Stabbed his chest six times. If he’s lucky, he’ll be reincarnated. He was a good man anyway. He just loved his woman too much. If only he wanted to wait…”
I cringe. Then I took a deep breath and got back to my seat. Guarding The Gate of Eden was a tough job.
I secretly wished that I could meet the man once again.

By lusisuwandi, on September 13th, 2010
This posting is published on Ubud Writers and Readers Fstival 2010

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