Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Experience: Puppy Love? Don’t Care

When I was in the last grade of elementary school, a classmate of mine felt in love with me. In the beginning, I didn't pay attention on this, I just thought that he was a good friend who always cared of me.

One day, he asked me about my feeling. I didn’t answer him because I just considered him as a friend who always helped me in many problems of mine. But, he always asked me to be his girlfriend. I took a pity on him and I agreed to be his special girlfriend. 
When we finished our elementary school, we continued studying in different schools. Although we study not in the same school and we seldom meet each other, he still always loves me. You may think it is a puppy love, I don’t care.

Vania, SMPK Karitas III

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  1. horeeeee..... mimin bisa learn bhsa inggris

    tapi..mana shoutmixnya pak prof? :)