Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Experience: Speaking With Tourist? Who Scared!

When I was 12, my school held a filed trip to Borobudur. Our teacher gave a task to all students to look for tourists and make a conversation with them. We had to do it in pairs. I was very happy. “It’s challenging,” I thought.

In Borobudur, my partner and I went to look for a tourist. We were lucky, we got one. We smiled at him, and smiled at us. We came closer, he stood still.
‘Hi,’ he said.
‘Hi,’ we said.
It was a shame, my partner could not say a word and neither could I. Both of us just looked at him, smiled and giggled. He seemed to feel annoyed. He left us. We didn’t get any score, not from the tourist nor from the teacher. However, this experience is a good lesson for us that speaking English with foreigner needs encouragement.

Viona, SMPK Karitas III– Sby

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