Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Experience: Drowned in A Swimming Pool

It happened ten years ago when I still could not swim well. The night before, the electricity in our house was out so my father wanted to book a hotel room for a day. Before we left for the hotel, my mother prepared all things required such as clothes, swim suit, etc. After all things were ready, we went to the hotel. When we arrived there, we were alr
The next morning, we got up later than usual because it was a weekend. Then we went to the swimming pool. It was a weekend so the pool was very crowded. Then, I forced myself to swim in the deeper side. It was the first time for me to swim in the deeper side, unfortunately, I was drowned. Some kids saw me drowning but they didn’t help me because they could not swim well either. Fortunately, a man rescued me.
From that experience, I’ve learned how to swim well. So, now, anytime I swim, I won’t be drowned anymore. Lucky me.

Andre, SMPK Angelus Custos – Sby

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